Fairmont Palliser Sign

The sign at the Fairmont Palliser was reinstalled today. So great to see up after over 150 hours of restoration. They are happy...and what is more satisfying than a happy client. Such an honor.

So after almost 7 weeks of disassembly and refinishing the final crating of the Fairmont Palliser sign is happening. Here is a photo of before and as it is getting ready for delivery. We will post a photo after it is installed. We will post more thoughts on this restoration along with more photos of the process soon.

Got back the parts from the powder coated. Great job on dry filming fasteners, soda blasting the brass. Ready to start reassembling carefully after we polish the brass and clear it. Then wait the 110lb bronze faces to come from the foundry. Happy with the progress so far, very happy. Put a picture of the sign before we picked it up, dull, corroded, rusting, lifeless. It's going to look amazing.

So things we have discovered as we take apart the Palliser sign for restoration. The parts we thought were brass plated are actually solid brass, a sign that the piece is older than the '70s. When we removed the Fairmont Palliser brass plate from the front there is, as the photo here shows, previous letters. Can you make out The Palliser Canadian Pacific Hotels? The letters were hung then sort of glued in place with a tar like substance that is still flexible after decades. We are thinking now the sign is much older than we first thought.

On our way to Calgary to pickup front entrance sign from the Palliser Hotel to begin restoration on it. Very excited to see what secrets are ready to be told. We think this may go back originally to the 40's but need more research. Sign is about 6 feet long and with the connecting rods it stands about 7 1/2 feet high. We will post pictures as the project unfolds. Honored...simply honored.

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